Task configurations

The following options can be performed on tasks:

Add a new task

Tap the button at the bottom-right of the screen to add a new task to the list:

tap addtask

The following properties will be shown for the task:

task properties
  1. Toggle whether the task should be activated.

  2. Select one of the available triggers for the task.

  3. Select a task to run when the trigger is activated.

  4. Set the priority for the task to run. The following options are available (in order of priority of execution):

    • Critical

    • Important

    • Normal

    • Low

  5. Set what the action should do (Restart, Restart block, Stop) when the task is resumed(1).

  6. Set how the action should run. The following options are available:

    • Multiple: The action can be executed multiple times simultaneously

    • Single first: Only the first action will run and any other triggers for the task during the action will be ignored

    • Single last: The current action will be stopped and a new execution will start (restart)

  7. Toggle whether the task is allowed to run concurrent with other tasks.

  8. Tap the button 'Add' to add the task to the list.

(1): Depending on how the concurrency setting is configured, higher priority tasks are allowed to interrupt lower priority tasks. The 'Resume behaviour setting' controls how to continue once a higher priority task is finished.

Edit an existing task

A configured task can be edited in the following ways:

edit task details
  1. Tapping the trigger icon(1) to edit the settings of the trigger.

  2. Tapping the task to edit the current block or select a different composition.

  3. Tapping the edit button to change the task.

(1): This option is not available for boot or kiosk home triggers.

Editing the trigger

Tap the trigger icon of a task to edit the settings of the trigger. For example, tapping the settings of a 'voice' trigger will show the following:

voice settings

Editing the action

Tap the task field to change the settings of the block or to display the settings for the block. For example, tapping the option for a speech block will show the following properties:


Editing a task

Tap the md edit next to a task to show all available settings for a task:

edit task
  1. Edit the settings of a task (see the add task section for more information on the available settings).

  2. Tap the button 'Update' to apply the new settings.

Delete a task

Tap the icon next to a task to delete it.

delete task


Custom voice commands

One of the uses of the task manager is to add custom voice commands to the device.

custom voice commands task settings
  1. Select the 'voice' trigger and enter the custom voice commands.

  2. Select the output (a speech block in this example).

  3. Set the properties so the action will run only once.

No voice overlay will be shown in this case.

Speech settings

custom voice commands trigger settings
  1. Enter the voice commands to be used.

  2. Toggle whether the wake-word (e.g. 'Okay James') should be spoken before the action will start.

Action settings

custom voice commands action settings
  1. Enter the response for the smart device to say.

  2. Edit how the response should sound.