Task manager

Task Manager enables concurrent and parallel execution of tasks. An entry in the Task Manager allows the device to start an action based on a set of predefined and configurable triggers. For example, the device can say 'hello' (action) if the user says 'good morning' (trigger).


The following options will be shown for a list of tasks:

taskmanager overview
  1. Toggle which fields should be shown. The following options are available:

    • Edit: Show the edit button.

    • Trigger: Show an icon of the trigger.

    • Task: Show a summary of the task.

    • State: Show if or how many times the task is active.

    • Actions: Show the play (), pause (), stop () and play another (md icon play add)(1) buttons to manually start the task(s).

    • Delete: Show the delete button.

  2. A list of available tasks is shown.

  3. Tap the icon to add a new task to the list.

(1): This option is only available if the task was configured to run multiple times.

Background compositions from RAIL 2.5 and lower will be migrated to the Task Manager automatically with the trigger 'Kiosk home'.