Tap the icon in the top-right corner to open the menu for ZBOS Control.

tap menu

The containing menu can be used to:

  1. View a summary of the user profile.

  2. Tap the icon to view the user profile (1).

  3. Purchase a license and view the currently active and history of licenses (1).

  4. View the history of purchases.

  5. View the webhooks registered to the user.

  6. View the list of registered devices for Control to connect to.

  7. View the connection of the currently connected device (2).

  8. Generate the QR code so ZBOS devices to connect to wifi.

  9. Display the RAIL version of the connected ZBOS smart device.

  10. Display the current version of ZBOS Control.

  11. View this documentation portal on the Control device in a browser window.

  12. Change the settings for ZBOS Control.

(1): This option will only be shown if the user is logged in to the ZBOS Cloud platform.
(2): This option will only be shown if ZBOS Control is connected to a ZBOS device.
(3): For more information, see the chapter Cloud account.