Kiosk widget

The kiosk widget can be used to display and use a kiosk dataset stored in the Control app, the connected device or stored in the cloud.


Selecting the kiosk dataset

Open the dashboard editor and the icon to view the settings for the kiosk widget:

  1. Tap the icon to select a dataset. The following modal will be shown:

    select dataset
    1. Select the source of the dataset

    2. Tap the dataset in the list (which can be narrowed down by entering a search term) to select it

    3. Tap the button 'Select Kiosk' to finish the selection of the dataset

  2. Tap and select a language for the kiosk dataset to be shown in

  3. Toggle the option to show the title of the kiosk in the widget

  4. Toggle the option to show the microphone icon in the widget

  5. Tap the button 'Cancel' to undo the changes

  6. Tap the button 'Update' to apply the new values

Close the dashboard editor and the selected dataset will be shown in the dashboard

  • Previews may vary based on the connected source (e.g. a kiosk dataset stored on the cloud will not show image previews if the files aren’t available on the user’s cloud storage).

  • The list of available languages is based on the translation matrix of the kiosk dataset.

  • Interactive folders will not be shown in the widget.

  • The current kiosk shown on the device will not be replaced by the current one.

  • The output shown in the widget may vary from the output on the device (e.g. if the resolution or dpi is different).

Using the kiosk dataset

The kiosk dataset can be used in the widget as if it was currently running on the device. Tap the icons to view the folder or run the action set in the dataset.

Tapping the microphone will not start the voice recognition.