Interaction list widget

This option will only be shown if the connected device has interactions installed on it.

The interaction widget contains options for starting simple actions on the device. These interactions can be used to entertain guests or make the smart devices behave more humanlike .


The following options are available for this list:

  1. Filter the list

  2. Sort the list

  3. Use the interaction

Filter the list

The list can be shortened by entering a search-term(1) or by applying a filter(2).


Entering a search-term in the field

Tap the search-field to enter a term in the field:


After entering a search-term, the list will be updated immediately.

To remove the search-term, tap the icon times in the right of the search-field or erase the current searched term in the search-field.

The icon times will only be shown when editing the search-field.

Filter by type of interaction

This section is highly dependent on the type of smart device ZBOS Control has been connected to. For this section in the manual, the example of a Zora was used.

Tap the icon FilterList next to the search-bar to show the options for the filter.


A modal will be shown with available options:

The available options depend on the type of smart device ZBOS Control has been connected to.

The list of Interactions will be separated into different sections, based on the connected device. Each section has the following properties:

  1. Tap the first option to select or un-select all sections in the list

  2. Tap an element in the category to toggle showing the animation with the selected property.

The option 'Unselect all' will only be shown once all category-elements have been selected. Otherwise, the option 'Select all' will be shown instead.

Apply the filter

Tap the icon md checkmark to apply the filter to the list.


Sort the list of POIs

Tap on a property of the POIs (name, type, map) to sort the list by these terms in ascending or descending order.

The sorting will be applied on top of the active search or filter.

Using an interaction

The following details will be shown for each interaction:

  1. Tap the Star-icon to (un-)mark an interaction as a favorite

  2. Tap an interaction to make the smart device start playing

  3. Tap the stop-button to stop the currently playing interaction

Marking an interaction as a favorite

Tap the icon md star or md star outline next to an interaction to (un-)mark them as favorites.

md star shows the response is marked as favorite, whereas md star outline shows the response isn’t a favorite.

Starting an interaction

Tap an interaction to start it.


Stopping an interaction

Tap the stop-button next to an interaction to stop it.

The stop-button will only be shown if an interaction is already in progress.