Cloud tab

Tap the tab 'Cloud' in the multimedia-page to show the files stored on the cloud-account:


The following list of items will be shown:

overview cloud
  1. Tap the name of the file to rename it (cloud only)

  2. Sync the file to robot(s)

  3. Download a file

  4. Delete a file from the cloud (not the robots)

  5. Upload file(s) to the cloud

Navigating the list

The list of media-files will be retrieved in separate pages (up to 50 items per page). Swipe the list up or down to proceed to the next page, the previous page or to refresh the list.

Next page

Swipe down to view the previous page


Previous page

Swipe up on the list to view the previous page


Refreshing page

Swipe up on the first page to refresh the list of items in the list:


Sync a file to robot(s)

Tap the icon md sync to synchronise the selected file:


A list of robot linked to the cloud-account will be shown:

  1. Name of the file to sync

  2. List of robots to sync the file to

  3. Update the synchronisation-information

Tap the icon to close the modal without updating the synchronisation-information.

Synchronising a file

Tap the icon md checkbox to toggle which robot should receive the file:

  • The file will only be synchronised when the robot is connected to the cloud. Should the robot be offline, the file will be synchronised when the robot connects to the cloud.

  • If an image was uploaded from a robot, the robot will be checked automatically.

Updating the robot-sync-list

Tap the button 'Update' to update the synchronisation-information for the selected file:

This will not delete the file from the robots.

Deleting media-file from the robot

Tap the button md trash next to the media-file to remove the file from the cloud.


Upload file(s) to the robot

ZIP-files are not supported.
SVG-files can be uploaded, but previews are currently not supported.

Tap the option 'Select Files' to select a multimedia-file stored on the connected device:


Select the file(s) to upload to the robot in the shown explorer-window. The file-name will now be shown in the bottom bar.

A warning will be shown if the uploaded image is too big. This could cause the image to load slowly. Reduce the file in size and/or quality and try again.


Select multiple files to upload (optional)

If multiple files need to be uploaded, tap the bottom bar to display an additional modal showing the file(s) to be uploaded:

The currently selected file(s) will be shown in the list.

Tap the button 'Add files' in the modal and select another file to upload in the shown explorer-window.


This file will be shown in the list in the modal. Tap the icon to close the modal:


The selected files will now be shown in the bottom bar (separated by ' + '):


Upload file(s) to the cloud

Tap the 'Upload'-button to upload the files from the tablet/smartphone to the cloud-account:

A progress-bar will be shown for each file separately when uploading the files.