Creating a new survey dataset

When opening the Survey editor for the first time in ZBOS Control, a new dataset will be created automatically.

Tap the New button in the File menu to create a new dataset:

tap newdataset

If a new dataset is created while a current dataset is opened, a popup will be shown asking if the current dataset may be overwritten.

overwrite confirmation

Selecting the type of dataset

A first selection to be made is to set the type of dataset to be created, 'Survey' or 'Quiz'. Tap the required option in the modal and tap the button 'Accept' to confirm the selection:

This option will only be shown when creating a new dataset, and cannot be altered while in use.

Overview of features for dataset types

The following table displays which features can be used for which dataset:

Option Survey Quiz

'Multiple choice' question



'Slider' question



'Text' question


Multi-select answers



Set 'correct' answer


Select the default language

The next step is to choose a default language out of the languages installed on the device for the dataset. Tap the language to select it

This language will automatically be used if no translations are available.

Editing the first question

After creating a new dataset, the options for the first question will be shown:


For more information on the available options for the question, see Editing a question