Home Assistant integration

Home Assistant is an open source home automation solution that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts and perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. Our Home Assistant integration fully integrates Home Assistant with the ZBOS platform.

This option requires a working and running Home Assistant instance.

Configure Home Assistant settings in ZBOS Control

Enable 'Home Assistant' in the App Manager and tap the option 'Home assistant' in the Home automation category:

tap ha

Enter the configuration of the remote Home Automation instance:

ha settings
  1. Enter the full address of the home assistant

  2. Enter the long-lived access token

  3. Enable this option if you want all events from Home Assistant published on the local MQTT broker.
    This is for advanced use only, if you want to interact directly with the events via MQTT either in Composer or external applications.

Home Assistant URL

  1. Open the Home Assistant app from the App & Configuration screen in ZBOS Control

  2. Copy the entire url of your Home Assistant instance, including the protocol and the port.

    • This can be local: http://w.x.y.z:8123 (replace by the actual IP address of Home Assistant setup).

    • This can be cloud (via Nabu Casa). (1)

(1): GoVirtual can only connect using a cloud configuration.

See this note about use with GoVirtual.

Generate a long-lived access token in Home Assistant

An Access Token is required to be able to use the REST & WebSockets API to do actions and fetch states.

Log in to the Home Assistant instance and open the user settings:

ha tapusersettings

Scroll all the way down to 'Long-Lived Access Tokens' and tap the option 'Create Token':

ha createtoken

Enter a name for the token and tap the button 'OK':

ha tokenname

Copy the access token (it will be needed in the ZBOS configuration:

ha tokencopy

GoVirtual: CORS

To enable our GoVirtual to access Home Assistant, you need to add the following block to the configuration.yaml file

    - "*"
Keep in mind that modern web browsers disallow accessing local resources, such as your Home Assistant setup, from a secure website. To access a local (http) service from the online ZBOS Control (https), you need to use Nabu Casa or any other comparable solution.