Executing the composition

The options for playing the composition can be found below the timeline:


Playing a composition

Tap the button Play ( play ) whithout any blocks being selected to play the composition on the device.

If a composition is already playing, the play-button will be changed to the pause-button.

Playing a single block

Tap the button Play ( play ) while one block is selected to play only the selected block

This could cause some issues when trying to play non-blocking blocks (e.g. 'Website' or 'Images'). To test if the selected block will be played properly, simply link the sequence of blocks to test to the start- and stop-block and then play the composition fully.

Pausing a composition

Tap the button Pause ( pause ) to pause the currently playing composition after the current block finishes playing.


Stopping a composition

Tap the button Stop ( stop ) to stop the current composition.

The stop-button will be shown if any composition is playing.