Select connection type

Once a smart device is selected, select the type of link to use in Control.

linking robot selection type
Not all options are available for all devices. E.g. the option 'hotspot' is only available for some robots, like James.

Link locally

ZBOS Control can connect to a device using a local WiFi-network. The device running ZBOS Control needs to be connected to the same wireless network as the ZBOS device.

The WiFi must be encrypted with WPA2-Personal encryption.

Tap the option 'Local connection' in the Connect to a device to connect to the device without logging into the ZBOS Cloud platform.

tap local connection

This will continue to the next step of the wizard.

Link to account

ZBOS Control can be used to remotely control smart devices over the internet.
This method requires an active internet connection on the ZBOS device and the device running Control”

Log in using a Cloud account

Tap the button 'Login or create an account' in the Linking page.

tap login

The login modal is shown in the default browser of the tablet/smartphone:

login selection
  1. Log in using a ZBOS Cloud account

  2. Log in using a social media account

For more information on creating a ZBOS account, see the chapter ZBOS Cloud Account

After returning to the app from the login page, the linking screen will be updated with the new information:

linking robot logged in
  1. The used account-name is shown in the list

  2. Tap the 'Next' button to scan the local network for a smart device to link

  3. Tap the option 'Switch account' to use a different cloud-/social media account

Tap the button 'Next' to continue with the setup

tap next

Link using hotspot

This is the most basic link available for devices, and is only available for devices supporting a hotspot setup

Connect the device running ZBOS Control to the hotspot of the ZBOS powered device and tap the option 'Hotspot' in the linking wizard:

tap hotspot connection

Control will now be linked to the hotspot of the ZBOS powered device.

This connection will not be stored in the list of known connections.