Legend of the map

Reading a map highly depends on the language and/or symbols used to determine the output.

Legend of the map/blueprint

md square white

Clear to move

md square palegrey

Unknown, not clear to move

md square darkgrey

Unknown, not clear to move

md square black

Obstacle detected, not clear to move

md square red

Virtual wall, not clear to move

Legend of the icons

POI RobotLocation

Current device location on the map (based on the information from the SLAM-system)

POI Default

Normal POI, purely used for navigation

POI ChargingStation

Charging station POI

(Can also turn blue, depending on which station is closest to the device)

POI Interactive

Interactive POI, used to interact with other systems (e.g. open a door)

POI Stop

Stop button to halt the device movement immediately