Surveillance page

The tablet/smartphone needs internet-access to retrieve the images.

The page 'Surveillance' is used to view the images recorded by the robot while the robot was executing the Motion detection-block in a composition.

Only the images uploaded to the cloud will be shown in this page.

These images are stored on a server from ZoraBots and are only accessible if the correct serial number has been entered when connecting to the robot.

The serial number for the robot will be entered automatically when connecting ZBOS Control to an up-to-date robot.
  • When scanning the QR-code of the robot in ZBOS Control, the serial number will have been entered correctly in the settings of ZBOS Control.

  • The setting Upload must be enabled in the Motion Detection block of the composer to upload the image to the ZoraBots server (and therefore be shown in the surveillance-page).

  • The images stored can be removed at any time by the user.

Tap the option Surveillance in the menu for ZBOS Control to open the page:


The following page is shown:

The default timeslot is set to one week (from 'today').

Filtering the list of images

The top of the page displays the options for the list of security-images:

  1. Set the start- and end-date for the security-images

  2. Sort the list by date taken

Setting the time range

Tap any of the date-fields (e.g. Start-time) to display the options:


Enter a date in the shown modal and tap the option 'Done' to apply the new setting:

The display for the modal asking for the date will differ greatly the platform running ZBOS Control (e.g. Android, iOS, Chrome, …​).

Sorting the list

By default, the list will be sorted from the newest image to the oldest image.

Tap the field 'Descending' to toggle sorting the list from old to new or vice versa:


Details of the security-images

The list of images for the set time range is shown in the main window:


The image is split in two parts:


On the left side of the image, the image is shown before motion was detected, while the right side of the image shows the main camera-feed at the time the image was uploaded.

The list of images is not updated when new images are taken, meaning if the timeslot includes 'now', the page needs to be reloaded for the image to be displayed in the list. To manually update the list, please

  • Navigate to a different page in ZBOS Control and return to the Surveillance page

  • Select a different start-time to retrieve the latest list of images from the server.

Viewing images in full-screen

Tap on any security-image to display (a slideshow of) the image(s) in a fullscreen overlay:

  1. View the details of the security-image (time taken)

  2. Navigate through the images using the arrow or the page-indicators at the bottom of the screen

  3. Tap the icon trash to delete the current image from the server

  4. Tap the icon times to close the fullscreen overlay

The back- and next-arrows will be greyed out for the first and last image in the list respectively.

Displaying all images

Tap the button 'Show all images' to display all images taken 'today':

This option will only be shown if no images are available during the selected timeslot.