Apps & configuration

Tap the icon md menu in the top-left corner of ZBOS Control to open the menu.

sidebar tap apps

Tap the option 'Apps & configuration' to display the applications installed on the device.


This page contains the following categories:

  1. The category ZBOS contains the settings of the ZBOS system.

  2. The category Monitoring containing the settings regarding monitored events (e.g. low power, sensors, …​).

  3. The category Home Automation containing the settings for the home automation system(s).

  4. The category Apps shows the installed apps on the connected smart device.

Some categories may be hidden depending on the smart device or enabled optional apps (see App Manager).

Search for app or setting

Tap the search bar at the top of the Apps-page to enter a search term:


Enter a search term in the field to show the results:


Tap the icon times in the search-bar to remove the search-term:

The times icon will only be shown if the search-field has been selected. Tap the search-bar again if necessary to show the icon.

Pinning apps to the sidebar

Tap any of the apps or ZBOS settings to display the available options, for example, the kiosk:

zbos kiosk tappinning

Tap the option 'Add to sidebar' to display which action is added to the sidebar.

pinning options

Tap the action to link(1) and tap the button 'Accept'(2) to link the selected action as a shortcut in the sidebar.