Managing surveys externally

The datasets stored in ZBOS Control and on the device can be exported to an external device to create a backup of the current content. In addition, the used media-files can be exported as well in case the survey needs to be shown on another device.

These backups can be re-imported to another device running ZBOS Control.

  • The images will be exported as a separate zip-file and will be stored in the default location Download/ZBOS/Media. This zip-file needs to be uploaded to a device using the media-manager, not the survey editor.

  • The zip-file will only be downloaded when connected locally, not when connected via the cloud.

Exporting an existing dataset

Tap the option Export in the File menu to open the modal showing the dataset to be exported.

tap export

In the new modal, the following options are available:

  1. Tap the tab with the location of the dataset (Locally in ZBOS Control or on the device).

  2. Toggle whether the images used by the dataset should also be exported in a separate zip-file.

  3. Download the dataset with the optional zip-file to the connected device. The dataset will be stored in the location Download/ZBOS/Surveys_quizzes as a .qs file. The zip-file (containing the media-files) will be stored in the location Download/ZBOS/Media.

The exported files can then be copied or stored on an external device as a backup. For more information on copying data from the tablet/smartphone to a computer or external device, please see the user manual for the tablet/smartphone.

  • The images will only be downloaded to the tablet/smartphone if ZBOS Control is connected to the device.

  • The files may not be shown in the list of recent files for the user.

  • Downloading the ZIP-file for the images is only possible when connected to the device using the local Wi-Fi, not when using the cloud. Likewise, uploading the ZIP-file with the images is only possible when using the local Wi-Fi as well.

Importing a stored dataset

The survey editor will only import the list of questions and answers, not the media files. These need to be uploaded using the Multimedia-page.

Tap the option Import in the File menu to import a dataset to ZBOS Control.

tap import

A modal will be shown where the dataset can be selected and imported.


Tap the option Select file and select the .qs file to be imported from the device. Then, tap the option Import to store the dataset in ZBOS Control.

This operation will only import the dataset into ZBOS Control, it will not automatically be loaded. To store the dataset on the device, load the recently imported dataset and save the dataset.