The steering-page has been designed to allow more detailed control of the smart device compared to the dashboard-page. Since the dashboard is limited in size, (some of) the functionality may be difficult or downright impossible to fine-tune, especially on small screens.

The steering-page has been designed to display the controls in a more detailed format, allowing users to use more delicate controls if needed.

This page is highly dependent on the connected device.

Opening the steering-page

Tap the icon md menu in the top-left corner of ZBOS Control to open the menu.

sidebar tap steering

Tap the option Steering to display the steering-page

Select the tab

By default, the movement tab will be selected:

movement general
  1. The movement tab displays controls to move the device around

  2. The speech tab contains elements to make the device talk or respond to commands

  3. The quick play tab is used to run pre-programmed actions

  4. The camera tab can be used to view the camera-feed of the device