ZBOS Control can connect to (smart) devices via local WiFi, hotspot (if supported) or the ZBOS Cloud. After connecting ZBOS Control to the (smart) device, the features supported by the device (e.g. Kiosk Editor, POI, Interactions, …​) will be made available in Control.

The following methods can be used to link ZBOS Control to a ZBOS-powered device:

  • Linking Control to ZBOS using WiFi
    Control the (smart) device on a local network (robot and tablet/smartphone with ZBOS-Control are connected to the same WiFi network).



To connect using the cloud-connection, the following requirements are needed:

Device Tablet/Smartphone or Webbrowser

Internet connection

Internet connection

Enabled setting Advanced > Remote broker (this is the default setting)

Logged in with an active ZBOS account.

Local v Cloud connection

Other than accessing the robot over the internet, the following additional options are available for linked ZBOS devices:

Feature Local connection Cloud connection

Remote control

Media preview (local)


Media download (local)

Editor previews


Media syncing


Cloud storage access


Media download (cloud)


Cloud auto-save
(e.g. Survey results)

(1): Previews for the media files will only be available for media files synced with the cloud storage.
(2): Previews for media files will only be available for synced files.
(3): User needs to be logged in to ZBOS Cloud platform.

To download multimedia-files from the robot, store them on the cloud-account before downloading them to the connected device.