This option will only be available when connected to the robot via the cloud.

Step 1

Tap the option for the graphs in the toolbar to create a graph:

graphs step1
  1. Tap the option 'Graph type' to view and select one of the available graph types:

graphs types
  1. Enter the sub type of the graph to be shown (e.g. 'Line chart', 'Area chart', etc.).

  2. Enter the timeframe for the graph.

  3. Tap the button 'Confirm' to continue proceed to select which sensor should be used to display the graph.

Step 2

graphs step2
  1. Select the robot to view the graph from.

  2. Select the type of event which should be drawn:

event types
  1. Enter the source (sensor) that recorded the event.
    View the detailed view of an event for more details on the available source(s).

  2. Tap the button 'Confirm' to create the graph.

Tap the option 'Reset' to re-select the type of graph and/or the timeframe of the graph.
Both source and event type are required to be entered before the confirm button will be enabled.


The final result might look something as follows:

graphs result