Some terms used in this document:

Term Explanation


A list of questions and answers, where some answers could be marked as being correct or incorrect


An answer to the questionnaire


The collection of data (including the questionnaire) that will be sent to the device and used in the Survey app.

Survey dataset

A dataset designed for customer feedback

Quiz dataset

A dataset designed for entertainment / knowledge / training / …​

Local (storage)

This refers to the data stored on the tablet or smartphone where ZBOS Control has been installed.

Cloud (storage)

The storage linked to the cloud-account of the user


A table containing the name or title of every item in the dataset, as well as the translated terms.

Color wheel

A tool to select a color used for styling the kiosk(-items).


A type of styling, where one color is set at the top, and one on the bottom. The colors will then transition from one to the other.