The following options are shown when tapping a bumper in the monitoring category:

events generic

Every time the selected button is pressed or released, a monitoring event is sent. These events can be stored locally (in a limited capacity) or by using the cloud.

A Cloud account is required for advanced functionality of the events (i.e. graphs and summaries).

Monitoring options

The following options can be set for the registration of the events:

See the section Cloud retention for more information on how long events are stored on the zbos cloud system.

Event registration

The following options are for registering the events:

events generic logging
  1. Tap the option 'Enabled' to start registering events locally (on the device itself) and on the cloud.

  2. Tap the option 'Cloud syncing enabled' to register the events on the ZBOS Cloud.


The following options can only be used if the events are registered on the cloud.

The following options are available for notifying the user:

events generic notifications
  1. Toggle the option 'E-mail notifications' to receive an e-mail on the registered e-mail address of the cloud account when the event occurs.

  2. Toggle the option 'Push notifications' to receive a notification on the device containing ZBOS Control if ZBOS Control isn’t active.

Persistence (local events only)

events generic persistence
  1. Set how the local events should be stored (memory or disk)(1).

  2. Set how many events should be stored (e.g. all events for 7 days or 7 items total).

(1): If the option 'Memory' is selected, the events will be erased once the device reboots.

Changing the options will erase the currently stored local events.