My Devices

Tap the option 'My devices' in the menu to view the registered devices:

tap my robots
robot connection modal
  1. The GoVirtual instance is shown (1)(2)

  2. The list of devices linked to the ZBOS Cloud account are shown (1)

  3. The list of locally known devices is shown.

  4. Create a new device link.

(1): This option will only be shown if a user is logged in to the ZBOS Cloud account.
(2): The last GoVirtual model used on the Control device will be shown when connected.

The current connected device is indicated with an connection green icon.

Connecting to a device

Tap an entry in the list to connect Control to the device.

tap robot
When tapping a device that Control is already connected to, the title bar of the ZBOS device can flash for some devices.

View device info

Tap the icon to view the information for the device: (cloud linked devices only)

robot info

Modify access rights

This option will only be shown if the logged in user is an administrator for the device.
robot admin page
  1. The device being edited is shown in the title bar.

  2. The current logged in user is shown at the top of the list.

  3. The list of other linked users is shown.

  4. Tap the icon to view the options for a user:

user rights

Tap the role for the user to be assigned and tap the button 'OK' to apply the changes.

  1. Tap the icon to remove the link between the specified user and the device.

Removing a device from the current user

Tap the icon to remove the link between the current logged in user and the device. A confirmation modal will be shown asking to confirm removing the link:

robot deletion confirmation