Color wheel

When tapping the color-field, the following options are shown:


The following parts can be discerned:

  1. Color-selector screen: Tap anywhere in the field to choose the color-shade.

  2. Preview: Contains the selected color

  3. Color slider: Slide the pointer to change the hue of the color-selector screen.

  4. Opacity slider: Slide the pointer to change how transparent the color is.

  5. Numerical values: Enter the RGB, HEX or HSLA values directly to select the color.

  6. Used colors: Contains a list of previously used colors.


There are 2 main options to define a new color, specifically:

  1. Using the color-slider, color-selector and opacity to manually specify a color (in that order).

  2. Using numerical values to enter a value.

  • The values in the field used colors are based on the current page of the dataset. This implies that values used in other folders or datasets will not be shown in this list.

  • Tap the arrows next to the field numerical values to switch between entering RGBA, HSLA or HEX-codes.

  • When entering a value using the field numerical values, the color-selector, color-slider and opacity will be filled in accordingly.