Quick responses widget

In this component, the user can play or modify the quick responses that the smart device will say.

  1. Filter the list of responses

  2. Sort the list of responses

  3. Details of the response

Filtering the list of responses

The list can be filtered by entering a search-term in the list or applying a filter to the list.

  • Entering a search-term in the field

Enter a search-term in the field (1) to search the list for Quick Responses with the search-term in the name of the Quick Response.

To remove the search-term, tap the icon times (2) in the right of the search-field or erase the current searched term.

The icon times will only be shown when editing the search-field.
  • Filter by category or language

Tap the icon md funnel (3) to display the filter-options for the list:


A modal will be shown with the available options for the filter:


The list can be filtered to show or hide categories(1) or languages(2).

Tap one of the options in the list to toggle the display of the category or tap the button 'Unselect all' to toggle all selected options in the selected section off.

Tap the icon md checkmark in the top-right of the modal to apply the changes to the list.

  • The languages shown in the list depend on the connected smart device.

  • The option 'Unselect all' will only be shown once all options in a section are checked. Otherwise, the option 'Select all' will be shown.

Sort the list of quick responses

Tap one the shown properties of the quick response (name, language, favorite, recent) to sort the list in ascending or descending order.

The sorting will be applied on top of the active search or filter.

Quick response

For each quick responses, the following operations are available:

  1. Mark or unmark a response as favorite

  2. Play the selected quick response on the device

  3. Edit the quick response

  4. Delete the quick response

Marking a Quick Response as a favorite

Tap the icon md star or md star outline next to a Quick Response to (un-)mark them as favorites.

md star shows the response is marked as favorite, whereas md star outline shows the response isn’t a favorite.

Play the quick response on the device

Tap anywhere in the indicated area (close to the name of the quick response) to play the quick response.


Editing the quick response

Tap the md edit icon to edit the quick response.


This will open a modal with the information of the quick response:

  1. The current category for the response

  2. The current name for the response

  3. The current language for the response

  4. The current content for the response

  5. The current speech-options

  6. Save-button

Editing the category

The category-section contains the following elements:

  1. Select a category

  2. Create a new category

  3. Edit the current category

  4. Delete the current category

The Edit- and Delete-buttons will be disabled for the Default category.
Selecting a category

Tap the field next to the category to show a list of available categories.


Tap a category from the list and tap the button 'OK' to select the new category.

Create a new category

Tap the button Add new category to open a modal asking for the name of the category.


Enter a valid name for the category (1) and tap the Save button (2) to add the new category.

The new category will automatically be selected.
Editing a category
The edit-button will be disabled for the currently selected category.

Tap the edit-button to open the settings for the category.


Enter a new name for the category (1) and tap the option 'Save' to change the name of the category.

Delete a category
This will also remove all quick responses belonging to the category.
The delete-button will be disabled for the currently selected category.

Tap the delete-button next to the category to remove the category.


This will show a modal asking to confirm the deletion of the category.


Tap the Yes-button to remove the category and its quick responses.

Setting the name of the response

Tap the name of the response to edit the name of the response.


Enter a new name for the response and tap outside the name-field to apply the change.

Setting the language

ZBOS Control needs to be connected to a device before a language can be selected.

Tap the language-selection to display a list of the languages installed on the device.


Select the new language in the modal (1) and tap the button OK to set the new language for the quick response.

The current speech-language will automatically be selected when adding a new quick response.

Setting the content

The content for the quick response will not be displayed in the list, only the name.

Tap the content-section to set the content for the quick response.


Tap outside the content-modal to save the changes.

Setting the options for the speech

Tap the field 'Options' to display or hide the speech-options for the quick response.


Drag any of the sliders to a new value to change the options for the speech options.

  1. Volume (from 0-100)

  2. Speech speed (from 50-200)

  3. Voice pitch (from 50-200)

The list of available options depends on the connected device.

Save the changes

Tap the button 'Save Quick Response' to save the changes for the quick response.


Delete a quick response

Tap the icon md trash next to a quick response to delete the quick response.


Tap the option 'OK' in the confirmation-modal to permanently delete the quick response.