Linking blocks

Custom composition-specific variables will only be shown in other blocks if they are connected after the block.

To create a sequence of actions, the blocks need to be linked to one another. This is done by linking the output-connector (2) from one block to the input-connector (1) of the other block.

To re-arrange the order of actions, simply tap the output connector and connect it to the new block. This will replace the current connection.

For example, tap the output-connector of the start-block and then tap the input-connector of the multimedia-block to link the blocks together.


This results in the link being created like so:


Each block can be connected to from multiple blocks(1), but can only connect to one block(2).

Use the if/else or while-block to create different execution paths.

Unlinking blocks

Tap the output-connector twice to disconnect the current block from the rest of the composition.

It is highly recommended to connect other blocks so all paths connect to a start- and stop-block.