Camera controls widget

The camera-control can be used to take a picture or toggle the audio-stream from a smartphone/tablet to the device.

  1. Display a miniature camera-window

  2. Start a two-way-video-call to the connected device if main camera-feed is selected

  3. Store a screenshot of the video-feed on the tablet/smartphone

  4. Toggle the audio-stream from the smartphone/tablet to the device

Display the camera-window

Tap the icon at the top to display the camera-feed from the device in a separate, smaller, window that can be dragged across the screen.


The mini-camera-view will now be shown in the top left corner of ZBOS Control, with the following operations:

  1. Modify the mini-window

  2. Change the feed from the smart device

  3. Change the output on the tablet/smartphone

Modifying the camera-window

The toolbar on the top allow the user to use the following options:

  1. Enlarge the window

  2. Shrink the window

  3. Drag the window

  4. Close the window

Enlarge the window

The maximum size of the window depends on the orientation (portrait/landscape) of the smartphone/tablet.

Tap the icon plus to enlarge the camera-window.


Shrink the window

Tap the icon minus to shrink the camera-window


Drag the window

Tap the top-bar of the window to drag the window around in ZBOS Control:


Close the window

Tap the icon iamage:portal::icons/times.svg[width=15] to close the camera-window


Modifying the video-feed

The following options are available for the feed sent by the device:

  1. Change the feed from the device

  2. Change the options of the feed

Change the video-source

Tap the feed-source to display a modal with the available feeds:


Tap the new feed in the shown modal to select it and tap the button OK to display the selected feed:


Change the options for the selected source

Tap the options for the feed to display a list of available options for the feed:


Tap the options to change the setting and tap the icon md checkmark to apply the change on the input-feed:


Changing the options for the output

To display the toolbar, tap the main video-window in the camera-section. After some time (about 2 seconds), this toolbar will be hidden from the video-window.

The options for the output of the feed on the tablet/smartphone will be shown in the toolbar below the main feed.


Pause the feed

Tap the icon md pause in the toolbar of the video to pause the feed:

This will change the icon md pause to md play.

Resuming the feed

This option will only be shown if the current feed is paused.

Tap the icon md play in the toolbar of the video to view the live feed again:


Change volume

Changing this volume will also change the audio from the smartphone/tablet to the smart device.

Drag the slider in the volume-section in the toolbar of the video to change the volume of the video:

Additionally, the volume-settings of the tablet/smartphone can also be changed to correct the audio-output. See the manual for the tablet/smartphone on how to change the volume in Android/iOS.

Display in full screen

Tap the button md expand in the toolbar of the video to show the feed in full-screen:

Tapping this option will change the feed to full-screen on the tablet/smartphone. The option md expand will be changed to md contract.

Close full-screen

This option will only be shown if the current feed is in full-screen.

Tap the button md contract in the toolbar of the full-screen view to close the full-screen:


Start a two-way-video-call

This button will only be shown if the main camera feed has been selected.

Tap the button md people to open a video-call feed with the smart device:

Enable the option for the audio-feed on the device and smartphone before initiating the video-call.

Store a screenshot of the video-feed

Tap the icon md button to store a still of the video-feed:


Toggle the audio-stream

Tap the icon md mic, or the icon md mic off to toggle the audio from the tablet/smartphone to the device on or off: