Map widget

The map widget of the Dashboard has been designed to consult the map, it cannot be used to modify the content of the map or move the robot. However, it can be used to stop the robot from moving.

To edit the map, see the chapter Localisation and mapping.

The following elements are available after connecting the map-widget to the robot:

  1. Connect or disconnect the map-widget from the robot

  2. View of the map

  3. Stop the robot moving

  4. Rotate the map

Connecting the map widget to the robot

After connecting to a robot, the widget is still disconnected from the robot.

Tap the icon md map green to connect the map-widget to the robot:


Tap the icon md map red in the top-left corner of the widget to disconnect the map-view:

Only the currently loaded map is shown in this widget.

Track the robot’s position

On connecting to the robot, the following page is shown:


In this view, the current map is shown with the virtual walls, poi’s and the robot’s current location. For more information on the map, see the chapter Localisation and mapping.

If the robot is moving, the route will be shown in a blue dotted line.

Stop the robot from moving

Tap the Stop-button in the bottom-right of the widget to stop the robot moving.

This also stops compositions that are in progress.

Rotate the map

Drag the slider of the rotation-slider at the bottom of the map-view to rotate the map.