Saving a survey dataset

To launch the dataset directly from an icon-block in the kiosk, the name of the saved dataset can’t contain spaces.

Tap the option 'Save' in the file menu to save the dataset:

tap save

This will save the dataset in all available locations:

  • in ZBOS Control

  • on the connected device (if connected to a device)

  • in the cloud-storage of the linked account (if logged in with a ZBOS account)

  • Only if the selected locations are available (e.g. if user is logged in or connected to the device) will the dataset be saved there.

  • If no name has been entered for the dataset, a popup will be shown when saving the dataset for the first time.

  • The currently saved survey will be overwritten.

  • All text-fields must be entered. See the chapter Translations for more information