ZBOS Cloud MQTT API Reference

Here you can find the latest ZBOS Cloud MQTT API version 2.13.0 to communicate with ZBOS cloud.

For the RAIL MQTT API for devices, refer to the dedicated section: ZBOS RAIL MQTT API


The topics starting with push are topics send by the device towards the cloud. The topics starting with zbos are send by the cloud towards the device.

The RAIL application running on the device automatically duplicates local mqtt messages towards the cloud after changing the first segment of the topic to push and adds the device serial as the second part.

Example: zbos/testpush/AR108/test.

On receiving messages from the cloud the RAIL also converts the topic by removing the serial before forwarding on the local broker.

Example: zbos/AR108/test/responsezbos/test/response.

This means that developers on the device will never see the push/{serial} and zbos/{serial} prefix. Web applications like ZBOS Control and GoVirtual see the exact topics.

Access control

Devices on the cloud mqtt broker can write to push/ and read from zbos/ (enforced by acl rules) while web applications have the opposite: read from push/ and write to zbos/.

Next to this topics starting with cloud/# are for events send by the cloud towards web applications. Web applications have read rights.


Producers Topic Consumers



cloud, web apps

cloud,web apps





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