Network scan

An additional step in the linking wizard is to connect the ZBOS device to a wifi network.

wifi connection selection
  1. Tap the option 'Yes' to continue with the linking flow.

  2. Tap the option 'No' to connect the device to a wifi network by generating a QR code.

Generate QR code

The following page will be shown with the instructions on how to link the selected device to a wifi network:

wifi connection modal
  1. Enter the network name .

  2. Enter the password for the wifi network.

  3. Use the steps detailed on this page to link the ZBOS device to the wifi.

  4. Tap the qr code preview to view the code in full screen.

Enter wifi network name

Tap the option for the 'network name' to select or enter the name of the wifi network:

network selection modal

If prompted, allow ZBOS Control access to the location settings to scan the current network configuration:

permission location

Enter the password

Enter the password for the selected network in the network modal to complete the network credentials in the qr code:

wifi password entry
  1. Tap the password field to enter the password.

  2. Tap the or to toggle whether the password should be readable.

The QR code preview will update while the password is entered

Follow the steps outlined in Control

The steps outlined in the Control page displays the steps required to link the device to the wifi network. For example, to link a James to the wifi, the following steps are required:

wifi control steps

Enlarge the QR code

Tap the QR code preview to show the QR code in full screen:

qr code full screen

Tap the icon to stop viewing the enlarged QR code.

Start recognition on ZBOS device

Use the voice command 'Scan QR code' to make the device scan for a specific qr code. When prompted to show the QR code, show the QR code generated by the

robot voice command
The wifi setup of a device can be shared using a qr code in Android 10. This QR code can be shown to a ZBOS device to connect it

Scan network

After the ZBOS device was connected to the network, the network will be scanned for the device:

wifi scan robot found

Tap the device to connect to in the list (1) or enter the IP address for the device manually (2) and tap the button 'Connect' (3) to link Control to the ZBOS device.