Tap the icon md menu to display the sidebar. The sidebar is used to access the various components installed on the smart devices.

  1. The features available to control the connected device will be shown.

    For example, the 'Localisation' page won’t be shown for devices without movement options.

  2. Custom shortcuts can be configured in the 'Apps & config' page.

Tap on any icon in the list to display the associated page or application.

Customizing the shortcuts

Tap the icon md edit next to the shortcut title to display the options for the shortcuts.

removing shortcuts

Tap the icon md trash to remove the shortcut from the sidebar.

See the page 'Apps and config' on how to add the shortcut back to the sidebar.

Closing the sidebar

The sidebar will close automatically when a new page will be shown.

To close the sidebar without making any changes, tap the icon in the top-left corner.

close sidebar
The logo will change based on the used theme.