URL widget

The URL widget can be used to display embeddable website(s) on the dashboard.

This widget can be added to the dashboard multiple times.

Editing the URL

Open the dashboard editor and tap the icon to view the settings:

  1. Enter the URL

  2. Tap the button 'Cancel' to undo the changes

  3. Tap the button 'Update' to view


Due to most websites disallowing their content to be shared or hosted on a platform their company doesn’t own, only the following websites can be shown in the dashboard:

  • Websites that do not specifically disallow embedding on other websites (Cross-Origin requests).

  • Websites that explicitly allow embedding on the Control website (Cross-Origin requests)

  • Websites that support OEmbed (see https://oembed.link for more information on OEmbedded URLs and a list of websites that support this).


The following steps can be used to display a youtube video in the URL widget:

Copy a youtube video url

Navigate to a youtube video, right click on the video and select the option 'Copy video URL':

example step1

Open the settings for the URL widget, enter the copied value and tap the button 'Update':

example step2

Close the dashboard editor and the youtube video will now be shown in the dashboard.