There are 2 options to change the style of ZBOS Control, specifically:

For some themes, the color scheme cannot be adjusted (e.g. Etisalat).

Changing the theme

Tap the option Theme in the settings to display the available themes for ZBOS Control at the bottom of the app.

settings theme

Tap a theme to apply it immediately. Tap the button Cancel in the list or outside of the list to close the selection-popup.

The following themes are available:

  • Light(1)

Black-on-white background.

  • Dark(1) (default)

White-on-black background.

  • Terminal

Black color-scheme with green accents.

  • Etisalat

A custom theme, designed by request.

  • Zora(1)

A custom (light) theme, designed around the Zora robot.

  • Billy-Billy

A custom (light) theme, designed around the Billy-Billy robot.

(1): These themes can be customized using the color-scheme.

Changing the color-scheme

Tap the option Color to change the color-scheme to display a ribbon with available colors at the bottom of the screen.

settings colorlint

Tap any of the predefined colors to apply it immediately. Tap outside the ribbon to close the color-selection.

Defining a custom color

Tap the color marked with the md color palette to define a custom color using a color wheel.

settings colorwheel
  1. Change the basic color and transparency using the sliders (e.g. from gold to dark blue)

  2. Select the specific hue in the main screen to define the color

  3. Enter the color-values manually in numbered format. Tap the or to change the type of input (e.g. from RGBA to hex to HSLA)

  4. Alternatively, a previously defined color can be selected at the top.

Only one custom color can be defined.