POI list widget

ZBOS Control needs to be connected to a smart device before any POIs will be shown in the list.

This component of the dashboard displays the list of POIs for the current map.


The widget can be used to:

  1. Filter the list of POIs

  2. Sort the list of POIs

  3. Move to or modify a POI

  4. Add the current location as a POI

Filter the list of POIs

Only the POIs for the current map will be shown in this list.

The user can modify the display of the list by entering a search-term or filtering the list down based on the type of POI.

Entering a search-term in the field

Enter a search-term to search the list for POIs with the search-term in the name of the POI.


To remove the search-term, tap the icon times in the right of the search-field or erase the current searched term in the search-field.

The icon times will only be shown when editing the search-field.

Filter by type of POI

When starting ZBOS Control, only the POIs of the currently loaded map are shown.

Tap the icon FilterList next to the search-bar for the POIs to show the options on which the list of POI’s can be filtered.


In the shown modal, the list can be filtered on type of POI.

  1. Tap the first option to select or un-select all POI-types

  2. Tap a category to toggle showing this type of POI in the list

  3. Tap the icon md checkmark to apply the new setting

The option 'Unselect all' will only be shown once all POI-types have been selected. Otherwise, the option 'Select all' will be shown instead.

Sort the list of POIs


Tap on a property of the POIs (name, type, map) to sort the list by these terms in ascending or descending order.

The sorting will be applied on top of the active search or filter.

Using a POI from the list

The following details will be shown for a single POI:

  1. Tap the POI to move the device to the POI

  2. Tap the Stop-button to stop the device

  3. Tap the Edit-button to edit the settings of the POI

  4. Tap the Delete-button to remove the POI (Confirmation required)

Moving a device to a POI

Tap the name of a POI to have a device move to the selected location.

If obstacles are detected or if the selected POI is obstructed by virtual walls or an unmapped part, the device will not move.

Stop movement

To stop movement, tap any of the md square black-buttons in the list.


Edit the settings of the POI

Tap the button md edit next to a POI to edit its settings.


A modal will be shown with the current settings for the POI:

  1. Name of the POI

  2. Type of POI

  3. Additional settings (Interactive POI only)

Tap the button 'Update POI to the current position' (4) to save the POI in the current location on the map with the new settings.

Tap the button 'Update POI' to apply the changes to the POI in its current location.

To undo the changes, tap outside the modal or tap the icon times in the top-right corner of the edit-modal.

Deleting a POI

Tap the button md trash to remove a POI.


This will display a modal asking to confirm deleting the POI:


Tap the option 'Yes' to remove the POI.

Tap the option 'No' or outside the modal to keep the POI.

Add current location as a POI

Tap the button plus to add the current position of the device to the map as a POI.


A modal asking for the details of the POI is shown:

  1. Enter a name for the POI

  2. Select the type of POI to set (Additional options will be shown for Interactive POI).

  3. Tap the button 'Add POI' to add the POI to the map

  • The option 'Add POI' will be disabled until a value is entered for the name.

  • Tap outside the modal or the icon times in the top-right corner of the modal to close the modal without adding the POI.