Composition list widget

This component has been designed to allow the user to start compositions directly from the dashboard. Additionally, the number of times the composition can be played can be edited as well.

The following options are shown for this component:

  1. Filter the list of compositions

  2. Sort the list of compositions

  3. Play or edit a composition

Only the locally stored compositions (i.e. stored in the ZBOS Control app) will be shown, not those stored on the connected robot.

Filtering the list of compositions

The list can be filtered by entering a search-term(1) or applying a filter(2) to the list.

  • Entering a search-term in the field

Enter a search-term in the field to search for the name of the composition.


To remove the search-term, tap the icon times in the search-field or erase the current searched term.

The icon times will only be shown when editing the search-field.
  • Filter by category or language

Tap the icon md funnel to display the filter-options for the list:


A modal will be shown with the available options for the filter:


Tap the option to 'Unselect all'(1) to unselect all categories or tap one of the options(2) in the fields below to toggle the display of compositions for that category.

Tap one of the options in the list to toggle the display of the category or tap the button 'Unselect all' to toggle all selected options in the selected section off.

Tap the icon md checkmark (3) in the top-right of the modal to apply the changes to the list.

The option 'Unselect all' will only be shown once all options in a section are checked. Otherwise, the option 'Select all' will be shown.

Sort the list of compositions

Tap one the shown properties of the compositions (e.g. name) to sort the list in ascending or descending order.

The sorting will be applied on top of the active search or filter.


The compositions in the list have the following properties while not playing

  1. Tap a composition to play it on the robot

  2. Edit the number of times the composition should play

Playing a composition

Tap a composition to start playing it on the connected robot.

Once the composition is playing, the buttons next to the composition will change to display pause- and stop-buttons.

Editing the settings of the composition

Tap the button md edit next to a composition to edit the composition.


The following options are available for the composition:

  1. Toggle the option 'Can be stopped' on to allow the end-user to stop the composition on the robot

  2. Toggle the option 'Infinite' to loop the composition endlessly

  3. Enter a specific number of times the composition should play

  4. Tap the option 'Save composition settings' to save the settings for the composition

Saving the changes will only be stored locally. To save the changes for a composition on the robot, use the Simple/Advanced composer-page.

For more information on the settings for a composition, check the documentation for composer

Pausing or resuming the composition

The following options are shown if a composition is already playing:

CompositionDetails Playing
  1. Tap the button 'Pause' to pause the composition

  2. Tap the button 'Stop' to stop the currently playing composition

Pausing a composition

Tap the button 'Pause' to pause the composition:

  • Don’t pause a composition while a video is playing. This will stop the composition.

  • If a composition is paused while the robot is moving, when resuming the composition the robot will continue to move.

  • Don’t move the robot by hand while the composition is paused. This may cause the robot to not recognize its current position properly, thereby causing the movement of James to POI’s to be incorrect.

This will change the pause-button into a play-button.

Resuming a paused composition

Tap the button 'Play' to resume the paused composition:

In some cases, the last played block will be repeated (e.g. Multimedia or speech), depending on where the composition was paused previously.

Stopping a composition

Tap the stop-button to stop the running composition.

This will also stop the robot from moving (if it was moving to a POI/Location on the map).