Composition list widget

This component has been designed to allow the user to start compositions directly from the dashboard. Additionally, the number of times the composition can be played can be edited as well.

The following options are shown for this component:

Only the locally stored compositions (i.e. stored in the ZBOS Control app) will be shown, not those stored on the connected device.

Filtering the list of compositions

The list can be filtered by entering a search-term(1) or applying a filter(2) to the list.

  1. Tap the md funnel icon to apply filters to the list.

  2. Tap the search field to enter a search term.

  3. Tap the to view close the search.

Available filters

  • Tap the md checkbox (1) icon next to a category to show or hide the compositions in the shown category.

  • Tap the (2) icon in the top right corner of the modal to apply the changes and close the modal.

Sort the list of compositions

The list of compositions can be sorted based on the properties:

  1. Tap any of the details to sort the list by the tapped detail.
    By default, the list will be sorted by name.

  2. Tap the icon to show advanced options.

The sorting will be applied on top of the active search or filter.

Advanced options

The following options are available for the compositions shown in the list:

AdvancedOptions 1
  1. Toggle whether the compositions stored in the app ('local') or the compositions stored on the smart device (1).

  2. Show the advanced options for the execution of the compositions(2)

(1): By default, the compositions stored for the connected smart device will be shown.
(2): This option is only available for the compositions stored on the device.

Execution options

The following options for the execution of compositions are available:

AdvancedOptions 2
  1. Toggle whether the compositions should run concurrently to other options set in the Task manager.

  2. Set the priority for the execution of the compositions (Critical, Important, Low or Normal).

  3. Set what the action should do (Restart, Restart block, Stop) when the task is resumed(1)

  4. Tap the button 'Save composition settings' to sav the new values. Alternatively, tap the icon to close the modal without saving the changes.

(1): Depending on how the concurrency setting is configured, higher priority tasks are allowed to interrupt lower priority tasks. The 'Resume behaviour setting' controls how to continue once a higher priority task is finished.

Composition list

The current state of the composition is shown in the list:

  1. The name and category for the composition is shown in the list. Tap the name of the composition to play the composition.

  2. The options for the currently not running compositions can be edited.

  3. The currently playing compositions is shown with buttons to pause, resume or stop the running composition(s).

Playing a composition

Tap a composition to start playing it on the connected smart device.

Once the composition is playing, the buttons next to the composition will change to display pause- and stop-buttons.

Pausing a composition

Tap the button 'Pause' to pause the composition:

  • Don’t pause a composition while a video is playing. This will stop the composition.

  • If a composition is paused while the smart device is moving, when resuming the composition the device will continue to move.

  • Don’t move the device by hand while the composition is paused. This may cause the device to not recognize its current position properly and navigate to the POI incorrect.

This will change the pause-button into a play-button.

Resuming a paused composition

Tap the button 'Play' to resume the paused composition:

In some cases, the last played block will be repeated (e.g. Multimedia or speech), depending on where the composition was paused previously.

Stopping a composition

Tap the stop-button to stop the running composition.

This will also stop the device from moving (if it was moving to a POI/Location on the map).

Editing the settings of the composition

Tap the button md edit next to a composition to edit the composition.


The following options are available for the composition:

  1. Toggle the option 'Can be stopped' on to allow the end-user to stop the composition on the device

  2. Toggle the option 'Infinite' to loop the composition endlessly

  3. Enter a specific number of times the composition should play

  4. Tap the option 'Save composition settings' to save the settings for the composition

Saving the changes will only be stored locally. To save the changes for a composition on the device, use the Simple/Advanced composer-page.

For more information on the settings for a composition, check the documentation for composer