Editing a composition

To edit a composition, simply add, edit or remove blocks from the timeline.

After editing the timeline, it is recommended to play the composition to check if the settings are applied correctly.

Adding blocks to the timeline

When adding a block to the timeline, the settings for the block will be opened immediately.

To add a block to the timeline, the following options can be used:

  1. Tapping a block in the toolbar (adds a block at the end of the timeline)

  1. Dragging a block from the toolbar (inserts the block in the chosen location)

drag drop block

Either of the options above will show the options to customize the blocks. See Editing the settings of a block for more information.

Copy-pasting blocks in the timeline

Configured blocks can be copied to a virtual clipboard and pasted at the end of the timeline.

Copying blocks

Tap the blocks to be copied:

select blocks

The blocks will now be shown as selected:

selected blocks

Tap the option md copy to copy the selected blocks to the clipboard in memory.

tap copy selected

The 'Paste' block will now be shown as enabled:

blocks copied

Pasting blocks

This tool will only be enabled if a selection has been copied to memory.

Tap the icon md clipboard to paste the selected blocks from memory in the timeline.

tap paste
The blocks will be added at the end of the timeline.

Undo last action

Tap the icon to undo the last action taken in the timeline (e.g. adding or deleting new blocks):

tap undo

Editing the settings of a block

Tap the md edit on the block in the timeline to open the settings for the block (e.g. Speech-block).


Enter the new settings for the block and tap the icon md check to apply the changes to the block.

For more information on available settings for specific types of blocks, see the block list.

Removing blocks from the timeline

There are multiple ways of deleting blocks from the timeline:

  • Dragging a block outside the timeline

  • Using the tool md trash Delete selection

Select the block(s) to remove by tapping them to enable the tool.

selected blocks

Tap the (now enabled) tool md trash Delete selection to remove the blocks from the timeline.

tap delete selected
block deletion result
  • Removing all blocks from the timeline

This option will create a new composition and will not save the current composition.

Tap the tool glyphicons eraser Clear workspace to clear the timeline.


Changing the order of the blocks

The blocks in the timeline will be played in the following sequence:


To change the order in which the blocks (should) play, simply drag them from their current position to the new position in the timeline.

drag block in timeline

Editing the settings of the composition

Tap the icon md settings at the top of the workspace to display the following settings:

tap compositionsettings
  1. Enter the (new) name for the composition

  2. Tap the option 'Can be stopped' to toggle whether the user can stop the composition(1)

  3. Select an option for the 'Power management' to select what the device should do (see chapter Power settings)

  4. Toggle the option 'Infinite' to repeat the composition indefinitely once it has been started.

  5. Enter the number of times the composition should play once it has been started(2).

(1): An additional button is shown on the tablet of the device for the user to stop the composition.
(2): This option will not be available if the option 'Infinite' has been toggled on.

Power settings

The power management settings are used when the device reaches the 'low power' state while the composition is running.

Tap the dropdown box next to the option Power management to display the following options:

  1. Select the option 'Go to charging station immediately' to have the device stop the composition go to the charging station when the device is low on battery.

  2. Select the option 'Go to charging station when the current loop ends' to have the device finish the current (loop of the) composition before going to the charging station when the device is low on battery.

  3. Select the option 'Don’t do anything while composition is running' to keep the composition playing even if the device is low on battery.

The 'Low battery level' can be adjusted in the Device settings.