Tap the option 'VoIP/SIP' to display the following options:

tap voip
  1. The settings can be used to configure the options for the device.

  2. Tap the option 'Add to sidebar' to add a shortcut in the sidebar.


The following options are available:

voip settings
  1. Tap the icon times to close the modal

  2. Change any of the settings to apply them to the device

  3. Tap the button Reset to default to restore the factory settings for these settings.


This section contains the general settings for the VoIP/SIP, for example:

voip generalsettings
  1. Toggle whether VoIP/SIP calls can be made on the device

  2. Select the type of call to be made ('Default' or 'Verklizan')

  3. Enter the information for the VoIP/SIP server (as provided by the VoIP/SIP system used)