Used terminology

The following terminology will be used in this manual:

Term Explanation


Software designed to allow users to customize the responses from the device.


A dataset containing a series of actions the device will take.


The container for the sequence of actions that the device will perform.


The extension to the block used to link blocks together (i.e. input- and output-connectors to specify the sequence of actions).

Block or building block

A piece of code making the device take a certain action, represented by a block in the menu.

Simple block

Composer-blocks that are also used in the simple composer.

Advanced block

Composer-blocks that are only available in the advanced composer.

Local storage

The storage on the device containing ZBOS Control.

Device storage

The storage on the Android-device.


A setting for some multimedia-blocks, halting the continuation of the composition until the media-block has finished playing.

Modal or Pop-up modal

A popup containing the settings specific for the component (e.g. Settings for a block, settings for the compostion, …​).


Point-of-Interest. A stored location or reference-point on a map.


The device containing ZBOS Control. For easier reading, the term tablet will be used, whereas this could also apply to a smartphone, emulated tablet, …​

Most blocks can be customized to contain different content or actions. E.g. Multimedia can play music or video-files.