Editing a dataset

The current dataset can be edited in several ways, mainly by editing the content. However, other options are also available, such as:

  • Editing the name of the dataset

  • Editing the options for the Action button (if applicable)

See the chapter Styling for the options for the styling.

Name of the dataset

By default, the new dataset will be called Untitled. Tap the icon md edit to show a modal asking for a new name for the dataset.


Enter the new name for the dataset and tap the button Accept in the modal to apply the new name to the dataset.

If no name has been entered, this modal will be shown automatically when saving or uploading the dataset.

Title of the main page

Tap the icon md edit next to the title to open a modal asking for a new title for the kiosk.

If no title has been provided, the ZBOS-logo will be shown instead.