The options for the updates are shown in the 'Software' page:

  1. Tap the option 'Automatic updates' to toggle a periodic check for updates.

  2. Tap the option 'Force previously skipped updates' to toggle the installation of skipped updates.
    See chapter 'Cancel update' for more information on skipping updates.

  3. Tap the button 'Update software' to update the robot software immediately.

Optional apps will also be updated.

Update software

Tap the button 'Update software' to contact the server for updates. The following modal is shown if an update is available:

  1. Tap the button 'Download now' to start the download and installation of the update.
    See the chapter Cancel download for more information on stopping an update in progress.

  2. Tap the icon times to cancel the update.

If multiple updates are available, all the popups need to be checked before the download will begin.

Cancel update

After tapping the times additional options will be shown:

  1. Tap the option 'Ask again later' to skip the update once.

  2. Tap the option 'Skip this update' to permanently stop being asked about a particular update.

To install skipped updates anyway, enable the option 'Force previously skipped updates' and tap the button 'Update software' again.

After downloading the update, permission is requested to install the update:

  1. Tap the 'Install' button to install the app.

  2. Tap the 'Cancel' button to not install the update.

Cancel download

Tap the button times while the download is in progress to cancel the download and installation of the selected software.