Tap the option 'Kiosk' in the settings to view the following options:

  1. Set the current datasource shown in the kiosk.

  2. Tap to set the display language of the kiosk.

  3. Tap to set a PIN code for security.

  4. Tap the option to lock or unlock the settings.

  5. Tap the button to remove the PIN code.

  6. Tap to enable or disable the speech overlay when the robot is speaking.

  7. Tap to enable or disable the charging screen to be shown while the robot is charging and is showing the screensaver.

  8. Tap to show or hide the volume control icon in the main kiosk screen.

  9. Tap to view the options for the virtual folders.

  10. Tap to show or hide the advanced options.

The language setting will not change the voice recognition language or the speech language. See the chapter Speech to change the language the robot listens to or speaks.