Tap the option 'Composer' to view the settings for the composition:

  1. Tap the option 'Parallel execution' to allow a background composition to run while a normal composition is running.

  2. Tap the option 'Background composition' to set a composition to run in the background.

Parallel execution

Tap the option 'Parallel execution' to toggle running multiple compositions at the same time.

This option allows for a background and scheduled composition to be run at the same time as one manually started composition.

Background composition

Tap the option 'Background composition' to select a composition stored on the robot to run in the background:

  1. Tap the option 'Disable pinning' to disable the background composition.

  2. Tap a composition to be run in the background.

  3. Tap the icon times to close the modal without saving the changes.

The background composition will only start once the settings menu is closed.
Avoid using images or music in the background composition(s), since this could disrupt the normal working of the kiosk.