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The center of the screen shows the items of the kiosk dataset (e.g. Folders, Multimedia icons, app icons, etc.). Tap an icon to open the folder or to start any of the other functions. A default kiosk will be shown when first starting the kiosk.

See the manual for the Kiosk editor for more information on how to build a new dataset.

Available item-types

The following item-types can be configured:

Type Function


Container of other items


Start an installed application


Display an image stored on the robot


Play a video once


Play an audio file once


Start a composition stored on the robot


Display a website using the included browser


Send a message to the MQTT-broker


Open another location in the dataset (e.g. the home screen, a multimedia folder or even a multimedia item)

Call Help

Make a phone call using the current VoIP/SIP configuration

Video call

Start a two-way video call with a device running the ZBOS Control app (1)

  1. The ZBOS Control app needs to be connected to the robot.

Special types

The following options are available using the settings of the kiosk:

  • Virtual folders containing shortcuts for apps, compositions or POIs.

  • Volume Controls

These settings are applied for all the datasets loaded on the robot.

See the chapter Settings for more information on these features.