This feature is not available for every ZBOS device.
A third party SIP-service provider needs to supply the required credentials.

Tap the option 'VoIP/SIP' to view the following options:


On this page the user can:

This option is only used by the Call for help item in the kiosk. This function can be linked to the action button or in the kiosk, but by default, this function is not linked.

VoIP/SIP enabled

Tap the option VoIP / SIP enabled to enable or disable the Call for help function on the robot.

Call type

Tap the option Call type to select the type of call to make (primarily based on the current settings):

  1. Select the option 'Verklizan call' to connect to an alarm service provided by Verklizan.

  2. Select the option 'Default call' to use a different VoIP/SIP provider.

The current system only supports 2 types of calls, specifically Verklizan- and Default type calls. Most online SIP/VoIP service providers can be contacted using the Default call type.


Enter the settings for the VoIP

Enter the credentials - provided by a support call center (e.g. Verklizan) or by an VoIP service provider (e.g. voipcheap.com) - in the required fields.

Type Explanation Example

VoIP / SIP Server

The server to contact for sending/receiving the data


(Local Profile) Username

The username used to log in to the remote VoIP Service Center/website


(Local Profile) Password

The password used to log in with the Username-account


(Local Profile) Port

The port number used by the remote provider to send/receive the VoIP- and credential data


Peer profile Username / Call destination

The contact or service to connect to using the VoIP service(s)


Peer profile Password (Verklizan only)

The password needed to connect to the Peer contact


Peer profile port / Call destination port

The port-number of the system/person to connect to


Device ID

A unique identifier for the device used to connect to the VoIP service provider


When using the site voipcheap.com, make sure the setting Allow SIP Server access is enabled in the profile settings. Similar restrictions may apply to other voip-service-providers.

Error messages

Tap the option Error messages in the VoIP settings page to display a list of error(s) during the VoIP call(s).

  1. A list of errors is shown if there are any.

  2. Tap the button ios arrow back to return to the kiosk settings.

  3. Tap the button 'Refresh' to update the list of error logs shown in the list.