Guess Sport

The Guess sport application is a game where Zora will imitate a bunch of sports and it is up to the user to guess which sport it is.

Available languages

  • English

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Arabic


Start position


During the application


End position



Sensor Function

Front head sensor


Middle head sensor


Back head sensor


All head sensors at once

Stopping the application

Left foot

Skip the current question

Right foot


Left hand


Right hand



The following settings are available for the application:

Category Setting Description Default value


Skip intro

The robot will skip the introduction if checked


Thinking time (s)

The time (in seconds) you have to think about the answers

20 seconds

Music during thinking time

If checked Zora will play music during the thinking time


Number of rounds

The number of rounds to play


Number of exercises per round

The number of exercises for each round


Report content

The report has the following pages:

  • Settings → The settings used for the game

  • Data → The scoresheet of the game, with the following columns:

    • Round → Number or the round

    • Exercise number → Number of the exercise

    • Answer → The correct answer of the exercise

    • User’s answer → The answer Zora understood

    • Anwser correct → "Yes" if correct, otherwise "No"

    • Skipped → "Yes" if the exericse was skipped, otherwise "No"

The application flow

Before starting the application

Before starting the application, the following conditions must be met:

  • Enough free space so Zora can freely do her animations

The application

Depending of the settings when starting the application (i.e. the setting Skip intro isn’t checked), Zora will first introduce herself and explain what the application does.

Zora will always say the configuration she will use (the number of rounds, number of exercises, …​).

Zora will imitate a sport, most of the sports have sound to give the user an extra clue as to what sport Zora is imitating.

When Zora ask you an exercise you can either answer correctly or incorrectly or you can skip the exercise.

When a correct answer is given, Zora will confirm that the answer is correct and perform an animation. If the given answer is wrong then she will perform an animation and say what the correct answer was. If the question was skipped, Zora will also say what the correct answer was.

At the end of the game Zora will ask the user to play again. If the user answers "No" then Zora will write a report of the game which can be downloaded from the Control (see the settings Download/Delete report). However if the user answers "Yes" then the game will start over and results from the previous game will be overwritten.


When stopping the application when the robot is imitating the sport, the robot will wait for stopping until the sport imitation is finished. This is so the robot is always in a save position!