Rock paper scissors

The rock, paper, scissors application is a fun little game that pitches the user and Zora against each other in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Available languages

  • English

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Arabic


Start position


During the application


End position



Sensor Function

Front head sensor


Middle head sensor


Back head sensor


All head sensors at once

Stopping the application

Left foot

Continue to the next game if setting is enabled

Right foot

Continue to the next game if setting is enabled

Left hand


Right hand



The following settings are available for the application:

Category Setting Description Default value


Skip intro

The robot will skip the introduction if checked



An other way of saying rock, paper, scissors. Only avaiable for Dutch


Zora talks first

Zora will say her answer first if checked


Next game by pushing left foot sensor

Zora will wait for the user to touch her left foot before continuing with the next game


Best out of

The best out of ? game


Left or right hand

Which hand Zora should use to play the game

Right hand



Which variant of the game should be played (applies only for Dutch version)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Report content

The Report has the following pages:

  • Settings → The settings used for the game

  • Data → The scoresheet of the game, with the following columns:

    • Round → Number or the round

    • Winner → Winner of that round (User, Zora or Draw)

    • Robot answer → The answer given by Zora that round.

    • User answer → The answer given by the user that round.

The application flow

Before starting the application

Before starting the application, the following conditions must be met:

  • Enough free space so Zora can go to her sitting position

The application

Depending of the settings when starting the application (i.e. the setting Skip intro isn’t checked), Zora will first introduce herself and explain what the application does.

Depending on if the wait for sensor setting is enabled or not, Zora will either ask you to touch her left foot before continuing to the next round or start the next round automatically. However, if it’s the first game Zora will automatically start the game after the user answered "Yes" when asked if he/she is ready even when the wait for sensor setting is enabled.

Zora will then play her animation and depending on whether or not the zora talks first setting is enabled do one of the following:

  • If enabled: Zora will say her answer first and then ask the user to give his/her answer.

  • If disabled: Zora will ask the user for his/her answer first and then say what her own answer is.

Zora will then say who won the round, say the current score and if someone has exceeded the minimum amount of wins needed to win the game she will announce the winner of the game as well.

At the end of the game Zora will write a report of the game which can be downloaded from the Control (see the settings Download/Delete report) and ask the user if he/she wants to play again.

Please be aware that when you decide to play a new game, the report of the previous game will be overwritten. You need to download the report first if you want to keep the results.