List of input-peripherals

The following devices have been installed on Zora to detect input and/or its environment:


Zora has been installed with microphones into its head in the following locations:

nao microphones

These microphones have the following specifications:

Sensor Specification


250mV/Pa +/-3dB at 1kHz

Frequency range

100Hz to 10kHz (-10dB relative to 1kHz)

Listening cone

The microphones have been calibrated so Zora only listens if the user is standing in front of them:

nao listening cone


Zora has been installed with the following cameras:

nao cameras

These cameras have the following specifications:

  • Camera

    • Model: OV5640

    • Type: SoC CMOS image sensor

  • Imaging array

    • Resolution: 5 Mp

    • Optical format: 1/4 inch

    • Active Pixels (HxV): 2592 x 1944

  • Sensitivity

    • Pixel size: 1.4µm * 1.4µm

    • Dynamic range: 68db@8x gain

    • Signal/Noise ratio: 36 dB

    • Responsivity: 600 mV / Lux-sec

  • Output

    • Camera output: 640*480@30fps or 2560*1920@1fps

    • Data format: YUV and RGB

    • Shutter type: Rolling shutter

  • View

    • Field of view: 67.4° DFOV (56.3° HFOV,43.7° VFOV)

    • Focus type: Auto focus

Force Sensitive Resistors

Zora is equipped with sensors in the bottom of the feet to detect how much force the body is exerting on the surface of the floor.

nao fsr
  • Range: 0 - 25 N

Inertial unit

Zora is equipped with an inertial unit in the center of the body to detect changes in position based on gravity.

nao inertial vectors

The inertial unit consists of 2 components:

  • Gyrometer: 3-axis, angular speed of ~500°/s

  • Accelerometer: 3-axis, detects acceleration of ~2g.

Ultrasonic sensors

Zora is equipped with ultrasonic sensors (sonar) in the chest to detect obstacles in front. These sensors are a set of 2 transmitters and 2 receivers.

nao ultrasound
  • Specifications

    • Frequency: 40 kHz

    • Resolution: 1 cm - 4 cm

    • Detection range: 0.20 - 0.80 m

    • Effective cone: 60°

Tactile sensors

Tactile sensors only need to touched gently to send a response back to the robot. Bumpers and buttons need to be pressed to send information back to Zora.

Zora is equipped with the following sensors that the user can touch or press:

nao sensors
  1. Tactile head sensors (front, middle and back)

  2. Tactile hand sensors (left and right arm)

  3. Chestbutton

  4. Foot bumpers (left and right leg)