Personal safety

  1. Do not insert foreign objects into or under the casing.

  2. In general, ensure that the robot cannot fall.

  3. You should not exert strong forces on the robot. Pushing against the motors may damage them.

  4. Do not block the sensors.

  5. Some of the sensors are tactile. Do not apply pressure on the sensors.

  6. Do not pull the arms or legs. This could damage the joints.

  7. Never cover the vents at the back of the head. In particular, do not put anything on the head, including a hat, cap, wig, etc. This will increase the operating temperature that may lead to an unexpected shutdown or damage.

  8. Do not put any clothing accessories on the robot. If you dress the robot, this could affect the operation of the sensors and the joints.

Pinching hazard

Except for emergency situations, avoid touching the robot when handling her unless you have been expressly asked to do so. Therefore you should avoid touching the robot when she is walking, moving or standing. To avoid injuries, never place your hands between the joints.

pinching hazards

Operating procedure in the event of an emergency

  1. Pick the robot up by the chest, even if she is still moving around.

  2. Press the chest button for 9 seconds to force the robot to stop. Alternatively, you can also press the chest button twice to remove the stiffness of the motors.

  3. Put the robot in a safe position.