General safety

  1. Even if I look human, do not forget that I am still an object.

  2. I am not a toy and I am not suitable for use by children younger under 14 years of age or any other person with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or who lacks experience and knowledge unless supervised by a person who is responsible for children’s safety who has read and understood these instructions.

  3. In other situations, children between 3 and 14 cannot play with me.

  4. Keep me away from children under 3 at all times, even when I am switched off.

  5. Also keep me away from pets and animals of any kind, because some animals may behave strangely with humanoid robots.

  6. Be particularly careful if you are new to handling robots because I can move unexpectedly and so handling me may seem unusual at first.

  7. If I do not work normally - in particular if you detect unusual sounds, smells or smoke coming out of me:

    • Make sure that I cannot fall.

    • Turn me off immediately.

    • Unplug the power cable.

    • Contact support via this link

  8. To prevent the spread of fire, keep me away from candles or other naked flames at all times.

  9. At all times remember that the safety of humans always comes first and the safety of robots always comes second.

  10. Always follow the installation and maintenance instructions carefully and keep these in a safe place.

  11. These safety instructions do not cover all possible situations that may occur. Use your common sense and good judgement. When in doubt, contact customer service.

  12. Important notice for use in the healthcare sector: Aldebaran products are not medical devices and are not listed under UL or IEC 60601 (or equivalent)