Chest button

The chest-button is a special case, since it can be used as both input and output.

Besides the tactile and touch-sensor Zora has a button installed on the chest. This button is surrounded by LED’s which will change colour when a push is detected or if Zora has a message for the user (e.g. battery is fully charged).


The following functionality has been programmed into it:

  • Start Zora
    To power Zora on, a short push (for a maximum 2 seconds) of the button is needed. Zora will say when the website is available after approximately 3 minutes.

  • Read aloud the network address
    If Zora is already booted, by briefly pushing the button once Zora will read aloud the registered IP address. If there is a system message available, this will follow the IP address.

  • Activate / Rest
    If Zora is active, by briefly pushing the chest button twice, Zora will go into a rest-position. If Zora is inactive, by briefly pushing the chest button twice, Zora will stand and display human-like movements. The term used for this type of behavior is autonomous life.

  • Repeat the last numbers of the network address
    To repeat the last two numbers of the IP address, press the chest button three times.

  • Shutdown
    To shut Zora down completely without using Zora Control, the chest button can be pressed for a long time (approximately 5 seconds) until Zora makes the ‘gnouk gnouk’ noise to indicate a shutdown sequence has started.

  • Hard Shutdown
    In case of emergencies, Zora can be fully shut down by keeping the chest button pressed until the lights go out and the motors no longer receive power.


The chest button has the following colours to indicate certain statuses of the robot:

  • White: Everything is normal

  • Yellow: A system message is available (i.e. Motors are overheating)

  • Red: A critical error has occurred and Zora needs to be shut down

  • Green: The battery is fully charged or an update was completed successfully

This indicates the colours of the LED-lights. The actual output may vary due to the colour of the chest button itself.