taskmanagement icon TaskManagement app

The app doesn’t work if Cruzr was turned off by using the power button at the bottom.
The tasks scheduled in this app will be repeated daily.

The TaskManagement app (by UBTech) allows Cruzr to execute certain daily tasks at specified times. For example, powering Cruzr off and on at specific times.

This app requires Cruzr v3.7+.

An empty list will be shown the first time the app is launched. Tap the button 'Add' to add a new task and create a new task list:

taskmanagement init

Adding a task

This app cannot be used to dock the robot with the charging station. Use the ZBOS Scheduler instead.

Enter the details for the event to be added:

taskmanagement taskview
  1. Select the type of task to be performed (e.g. 'Power On', 'Power off').

  2. Select the time for the event to be performed (e.g. '07:00').

  3. Save the task to add it to the list of current events.

If the task 'Power on' is selected, Cruzr will undock from the charging station.

The main screen of the app will now show the list of scheduled events:

taskmanagement main
  1. Enable all options for the tasks to be executed.

  2. Tap the button 'Add' to add a new event to the schedule.

  3. Tap the toggle switch to enable or disable the execution of the task.

  4. Swipe left on the task to view the option to delete the task.

Deleting a task

Swipe left on the task and tap the button 'Delete' to delete the task:

taskmanagement delete

Swipe right to stop viewing the delete button.