Thank you for purchasing Cruzr with ZBOS.

Cruzr is an autonomously moving robot, that listens to voice-commands and responds or acts accordingly. It can move to a location, start apps on the tablet or say the current weather report for example. The software for Cruzr has been designed to be highly customizable when interacting with humans (i.e. Kiosk app), can be used to ask customers for feedback (i.e. Survey app) and can navigate a map once it has been learned.

In addition to these (basic) functions, Cruzr can also move the arms while speaking, to ease the interaction with humans. This feature is also reflected in the composer-page of ZBOS Control (the app used to configure compositions on the robot). In the composer-page, the user can manually move the limbs to certain predefined positions while in the middle of speech or while playing a video on the robot.

The most useful feature would most definitely be the ability of the robot to move (somewhat) freely on a stored map. This map can be customized to fit the environment, and can be adjusted with points for the robot to move to or contain virtual walls to limit the area Cruzr is allowed.

A specialised edition with additional temperature-monitoring was created. For more information, see Epidemic edition